Trustworthy archiving of your documents

Do you need to ensure the safe storage of your documents for decades? That’s exactly the function of the Signi archive, which ensures the integrity of your documents, access control, and subsequent shredding.

The signature is not the end, but the beginning. Why is document archival important?

  • Document integrity

    Without a regular time stamp renewal, you will not be able to prove that the document has not been altered.

  • Authorized conversion

    Only documents with valid security elements can be converted back to paper form.

  • GDPR

    Conventional cloud storage does not provide you with a detailed history of document accesses and actions.

  • Your documents at your fingertips

    Thanks to Signi integration, all your documents are available in one place and from one app.

You keep your paper documents in file folders, electronic ones belong in a trusted archive

Archiving will ensure that your electronic documents are immutable, legally binding, and in their original form.

Time stamp renewal

Every trusted electronic document contains them. The Signi archive ensures their consistent renewal so that there is no doubt when the document was completed and that it hasn’t been tampered with since.

Document access control

Completed documents often contain critical information. That is why we log every view, download, and access to all documents. Not just for GDPR, but for your security.


Protocol document shredding

You decide how long you need to archive your document. 10, 20, 30 years, no problem. After that, we will shred the document and create the necessary records.

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How archiving works


We will store your documents in Signi for a period of 6 months from their completion.


Before this time limit expires, you will be notified both directly in the application and by e-mail of the approaching deadline.


If you decide not to archive your documents with Signi, they will be moved to the trash, where they will still be available for download or archiving for another 30 days.


Archived documents will be marked with a symbol and the date and length of archiving will be displayed. All access to the document will be logged.


You will be able to access archived documents directly from the Signi interface or from an application that is integrated via a Signi API.



We have added a new package for Signi Home users Signi Home + Archiving. All your documents will be automatically archived for 10 years.

For users Signi Business, the price consists of a one-time archive activation fee, which you can find on our pricelist, and then only 5 CZK plus VAT for every 10 years of archiving a document.

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