DMS M-Files and Signi – Integration for masterful work with documents

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30. 8. 2021

M-Files is the leading DMS from Erpio, which represents a set of tools for intelligent document management. Among other things, it is also a comprehensive tool for digitizing your business agenda with a focus on automating processes, workflow and all other work with your documents. We have now also implemented Signi into this platform and M-Files users can now sign their documents directly electronically.

Many companies use M-Files as a centralized storage and document management tool. This is because the platform allows you to intelligently track all work with documents, assign rights to individual users, monitor deadlines, etc. M-Files is therefore a popular solution for managing accounting documents, various contracts, invoices and so on.

How to work with documents in M-Files

In the M-Files environment, users can find all their currently available documents that they have imported. Each row equals one contract and when expanding the details, the window on the right always expands the so-called meta-data: i.e. all available data about the document, including the identification of the individual contracting parties, responsible person, etc.

The user can automatically open each contract in the MS Word text editor. This can already write all the meta-data in cooperation with M-Files, so you don’t have to fill in headers etc. over and over again.

So if no changes are needed in the contract, simply send it for approval within M-Files. And now it’s the turn of the counterparty.

At that point, the Signi integration automatically sends an email to the counterparty asking them to sign the new document.

Now the counterparty is redirected to the “classic” interface you may be familiar with from Signi. Next up is 2FA authentication, where you verify your identity via SMS and are prompted to sign. The document can then be sent, for example, to the counterparties or the responsible person.

The contract is then marked as concluded directly in M-Files. In the case of multiple counterparties, this process is of course repeated.

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