Remote verification according to AML

Do you need to meet European standards for Anti Money Laudering? Thanks to Signi, it will go faster than ever.

Faster verification

Accelerate customer identity verification. Identification according to AML regulations directly from the remote and digital environment of the application.

Minimum extra work

Our entire verification solution is automatically integrated into Signi. You don’t need anything extra.

100% secure personal data

User privacy and compliance with legislation are our top priorities.

How identity verification works

The identification of the client consists of verifying and recording the basic identification data of the client and in determining whether it is, for example, a politically exposed person or a person against whom the Czech Republic applies international sanctions.

  • The client takes a photo of 2 IDs in the application.
  • They also take a selfie, ideally with an ID card in frame.
  • Finally, they will initiate an immediate micropayment of 1-10 CZK, which is returned to their account within 14 days.

After the identity verification process,
you will have

  • Photographs of both IDs and a selfie of your client.
  • A machine readout of the personal data on the IDs.
  • Micropayment information (account number, name and surname, variable symbol, notes, etc.).
  • If you use templates, the data from the IDs can be autofilled into them.

Do you want to use this type of verification?

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