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Signi features all the functions you need to simply and securely work with digital documents.

We have prepared special extensions for corporate customers, including integration into corporate systems, a module for remote identification, the ability to sign documents directly at meetings, and premium support.

Creating and working with document content

Upload and sign your own document

In PDF, DOCX, etc., insert fields for electronic signatures.

Helpful functions for document creation

Approval workflow, document commenting, and other advanced features.


Sign on one device

Sign with the customer directly at the branch on your device.


Unlimited attachments to each document.


Document templates

We will create templates from your existing documents, which we will insert into Signi for your recurring needs.

Simplified document header autofill

Management of signer identities and contacts.

Multiple Workspaces

The so-called workspaces that allow you to divide the Signi application into specific departments or projects.


Contact lists

Personal and team contacts with the possible autofill function.

Change the order of signers

Ability to define roles and order of signers.

Document Management

Advanced document management

Signature status monitoring, labeling, folder sorting, and document filtering.

Document expiration notification

And other useful notifications for you and the whole team.

Document checklist

Complete audit trail (metadata), which is used to verify the validity of the signature and the signers in a possible dispute.

Team and role settings

Setting the rights of individual users and their groups.

Activity reports of individual users

Overview of credit usage by individual team members.


Saving to external storage

Save documents to OneDrive or Google Drive.


Basic customer support

Provided weekdays from 08:00 to 18:00. Detailed online help is available 24 hours a day.


Extended support package – Premium

Management of all operations in the online environment via our VIP help desk. Application support requests addressed within 8 hours. Urgent application support requests addressed within 4 hours.


Extended support package – Enterprise

Management of all operations in the online environment via our VIP help desk. Application support requests addressed within 4 hours. Urgent application support requests addressed within 2 hours. Priority customer care support.

Signatures and security

Electronic seal

Signed documents are secured with the unbreakable PostSignum electronic seal.

Sending documents for electronic signing

Even for your clients who are not registered Signi users, registration is not required to sign.


Time stamp

Independent confirmation of signature time by PostSignum.


Remote identity verification up to the level required by AML law

Remote identity verification for the purposes of fulfilling Anti Money Laundering Act requirements.


Signer verification using BankID

Signer identity verification of your clients through banking identity services.

Integration and customization of Signi


Application branding, including customization of email messages

Customize Signi to your corporate colors and communication strategy.


API integration with any system

Automatic connection of Signi with your internal system for maximum convenience.


Finished connectors and integration

Integrate Signi using our already available connectors for commonly used applications (e.g., Microsoft Dynamics, Gsuite, Salesforce, FlowDoc, and PipeDrive).

Language adaptation

Communication with your clients in 7 world languages. Language settings adapt to the language of the document.


A right substription for you

With Signi, you simply choose a subscription. Exactly what suits you. No commitments or hidden payments.

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