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How does Signi work? Easily and without installation

Signi is a web application for creating, signing, and managing personal and business paperwork. You can start now – without any installation or training.


Upload your own document or create a brand new one

You can easily place a signature field into your PDF, DOCX, and other format documents or use the Signi wizard to create a brand-new document. We also provide you with templates prepared by renowned lawyers.


Set the data in the document header

You only need to know the name, surname, e-mail, and telephone number of your counterparty(ies). The order of the signers can be changed. You can also set the signing and verification method for each signer or share the document in read only mode.


Insert signature fields and send for signing

If you uploaded your own document, you can place signature fields into it or have the application create them automatically. You can then continue working with the document (add an attachment, set validity, etc.), sign directly, or send for comments.


Each signer will receive a notification email

The signer will receive an email inviting them to sign. Signi guides the signer intuitively through the process. You can customize the text of the email and the color of the signature page. Or you can use our default template.


Secure signature

Signature authorization works like a bank payments.
Signi provides a 100% valid and secure electronic signature. In accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, these documents are valid throughout the EU. Our electronic signature covers 97% of all company documents.


Convenient management of electronic documents

Documents are organized according to their status. You can assign labels to them, sort them into folders, filter, and, most importantly, keep track of which ones are or are not signed. You also immediately see if any document is waiting for your signature.

How can you start using Signi?

Create and sign a document in minutes

Simply drag or upload your document to Signi, mark where and who should sign the document, and attach your signature. The electronic signature is secured by double verification (SMS code and dynamic biometric signature). Thanks to the series of steps that each signatory must take, the Signi signature is legally binding and usable for 97% of company and personal documents. More in the video.

A right subscription for you

With Signi, you simply choose a subscription. Exactly what suits you. No commitments or hidden payments.

All the basic functions for creating, signing and managing documents
Simplified document header autofill
Management of signer identities and contacts
Number of users / workspaces
Workspaces allow you to divide the Signi application into specific departments or projects
Document archiving
Number of documents / monthly
Possibility of other integrations such as Document templates, BankID or API

Signi Business

from 21 EUR without VAT / monthly

Unlimited (if Electronic Archive is activated)
20, 50, 100 or unlimited, depending on the selected plan

Signi Home

from 1,96 EUR with VAT / monthly

6 months
3, 5 or 10, depending on the selected plan
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