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How to prepare
your first Signi document?

From the very beginning, we designed our application to be readily usable by absolutely anyone, and practically immediately. No lengthy familizarization, installation, or training. Just a few simple steps that you can complete within minutes.


Create an account

You can create an account here. Just enter a few details, such as email and password, and confirm your email registration.

If you need help with this step, see our helpful guide on our support page.

And to help you get started, your first 3 documents are on us.


Login to the application

After creating the account, you will be redirected to log in to the application. Log in with the username and password you provided when creating your account.


Use our introductory wizard

Our wizard will guide you through a test signing of a sample document, or you can create your first document straight away, or simply complete the setup of your account. You can also set a signature pattern that you will continue to use in the application.


Create a document

You can create documents by simply dragging your own PDF, DOC, or DOCX into the application, or by creating a document from a template, or you can use the document creation wizard.


Fill in the document header and signing page information

You can set the level of required verification for the signers (biometrically, via SMS, etc.) or change the signing order.


Deploy signature fields and upload attachments

Select where you want to place the signature fields and attach any attachments. If you create a document from a template or using our wizard, the signature fields are placed automatically.


Sign the document and send it

You can sign the finished document and send it to the other signers for signing. It is also possible to first send the document through an approval workflow process.


Monitor signature status

Once created, the document is saved in your document management folder, where you can monitor all signature statuses. Thus, you have a real-time overview of who is waiting upon whom and who has already signed. It is also possible to set notifications for status changes.

And that’s it 🙂

If you’d rather see detailed instructions, including a video, visit our support page. In addition to the basic functions, you will also find many other tips on how to use the application.

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