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We support a comprehensive solution. The biggest benefit for a company is a fully automated process. You get exactly that by connecting Signi with other applications and tools.

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Connected applications

Speed ​​up business processes that involve signing documents. Select any one of our many linked applications.

API for integration

Do you need electronic signing for your application? It’s easy and fast through our APIs.

Business partnership

Let’s offer customers more together. We provide the signing, you provide your products or services.


Do you use your own application, but are still hesitant about integration?

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What is the point of integrating Signi?

People and business are digitizing and moving more and more into the online world. Gradually, but irrevocably. The greatest value in such an environment is a completely automated business process.

Business driven applications support the business processes within a company. The biggest barrier is at the point of interaction with the external environment – with customers, employees, suppliers, etc., who have to agree to a given step in a process. Our user-friendly mediation of such consent is one of Signi’s key advantages.

Therefore, it makes sense to connect your application to Signi. And we are eager to help you with that as much as possible.

What are the connection options?

We like to say that it is practically unlimited. Our developers are constantly moving the Signi application forward and trying to create a truly universal working tool. One that can be used by anyone in any industry and for any purpose.

What does the integration process look like?

It is individual. Our specialists approach each customer individually based upon their specific needs. If you want to get a better picture of how your integration would work, please visit our support for integration page.

Did not find what you were looking for? Visit our support page .

Available integrations

Our portfolio of available integrations is constantly expanding with new solutions.

If you happen to use a system that we haven’t yet integrated, get in touch with our specialist.

Affiliate program for partners

Do you create or operate applications that work with documents, contacts, or digital ID?

Are you a supplier of IT services and solutions?

Are you a consulting, accounting, or law firm?

Together with these partners, we create integration projects with high added value for clients.


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