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27. 8. 2021

Stredoslovenská energetika, a. s. (SSE) is a leading supplier of energy services in Slovakia. The company was founded in 2002 and today provides comprehensive services related to the supply and use of not only electricity but also gas. Specifically, SSE today purchases electricity on the domestic and foreign markets, and even produces some of it directly.

In recent years, the company has increasingly begun to focus on digitisation and further streamlining of its processes – both internal and those that go directly to end customers. And this is quite understandably the point where a great opportunity for synergy with our Signi application presents itself.

And when a product called Green Energy from SSE came along, there was clarity on both sides. The process simply needed a completely paperless solution. And that’s exactly what we can do.

SSE’s Zelená energia focuses on the distribution of green and renewable electricity. This way, every customer can play their part in improving the environment and think responsibly about it too.

This electricity from SSE is produced from renewable sources such as wind, sun, water or biomass. SSE’s green energy is produced completely free of emissions and adverse effects on our environment.

“Signi’s e-signing solution is one of our first steps in implementing SSE’s digital transformation strategy. Using Signi solution, we have for the first time offered our clients a new, purely online customer experience to activate our services. Similarly, our sales channels are also using the solution to sell SSE’s Green Energy product, allowing us to fully align our green product with our sales process, making it 100% paperless. However, the Signi solution doesn’t just validate our commitment to being environmentally responsible. It is also important for the sales success and the reduction in acquisition costs that we are actually achieving by using this solution.”
Michal Jaloviar, B2C Sales Director at SSE

The process we have prepared for SSE

The process of registering for Green Energy from SSE is really quick and intuitive:

After clicking, the customer is redirected to a short form. This is prepared in SSE’s graphic design in order to comply with the company’s communication standards. The simplicity of the solution has enabled the form to be used not only for SSE’s end customers themselves, but also across different sales channels. This saves costs and time, with everyone simply using one solution:


The form is filled in by the customer and then a contract proposal is sent to the specified e-mail address:


All the steps and templates, from the mailing to the form, have been prepared by us at Signi for SSE – and we are showing the direction we want to continue in such cooperation. In these cases, of course, we are able to fully preserve and respect the company branding – so that the end customer does not have the feeling of being somewhere they should not be.

Apart from the time the end customer will need to study the contract thoroughly, the whole process is only a matter of minutes. And that’s the level of efficiency that is key for us at Signi. And we believe it can bring about big changes to many, many industries.

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