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10 reasons to want Signi

Why do document digitization and electronic signing make sense? We believe that in work and personal life, inefficient human processes not only slow us down but also demotivate us.


Streamlining administration

You will conduct business faster and more efficiently – your team will no longer be delayed by the administration and logistics of paper signatures. Business will take place in real time.


Maximum overview

You will have maximum control over company documents – Anytime and from anywhere.


Cost savings

You will save time and money – Everything happens quickly, online, and automatically. No need to print, scan, send, or archive anything.


Legally binding documents

You will fulfill your need for legally binding documents according to the latest Czech/EU laws.


Faster signing

You will have important documents signed when you need (75% of documents are signed within 24 hours) them and won’t be constantly wasting time waiting for them to arrive.


Work with documents anywhere, anytime

You will not have to allocate time for signing or managing documents, you can sign internal and external documents on the go.


Lower error rate

You will avoid errors in important documents – Signi automatically creates documents using data from your system. No more time lost checking and double checking.


Send batches of documents for signing

You will be able to send and sign multiple documents at once – Signi can automatically prepare, send, and archive entire packages of documents with just one click.


Integrate Signi into your business software

You will be able to easily integrate and combine this tool with your current software – Signi is ready to connect to any CRM or business tool.


No need to install anything. You can start now

You will be able to start immediately, with no obligation, and no downloads – Have your first Signi signed document complete, signed, and legally binding within 10 minutes, including our simple and quick registration process.

Join the more than 3,000 companies and individuals,
who, thanks to Signi, made paperwork more efficient

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