We are Signi and we are changing the centuries-old approach to completing agreements

In the beginning, there was a pile of paper documents that needed to be printed > signed > scanned > emailed or “run” over. That gave rise to one question – couldn’t it be done better? And that’s what we all live for now.

– Ondřej Synovec, founder & CEO

From a punk startup of 4 people, we have developed into a company of 35 people

What are we actually doing? We bring money in faster, reduce the time needed to create and sign documents, and streamline company paperwork. Watch the video and take a peek under the hood of Signi.com.

Values Signi

What makes sense to us?

3 values

We want to be experts, constantly learning and improving, setting standards and pushing boundaries in the field of security, digital identity verification, usability, and simplicity of our services. Thanks to these 3 values, we know exactly where we are going:

Our history

It all started on the day when Ondřej needed to
sign a contract with his cleaning lady

Is that a joke? Not at all. It is actually the classic spark of most great solutions – when someone doesn’t want to do something…


Ondrej hires a lady to clean. He then must solve how to sign a contract with her.

An idea is born. Do it differently, quickly, digitally. Unfortunately, the market was not yet ready for that.


He brings together a team of enthusiasts and draws the first sketches of a document signing application

The market has advanced. Companies are digitizing. It is no longer just being talked about, but specific projects and improvements are underway. iSmlouva is founded.


Getting the first investment

The investment group GFF s.r.o. enters the project. iSmlouva acquires its first major clients from large companies and corporations.


iSmlouva becomes Signi

The feedback from the market is obvious. Our solution is not just about contracts, but all kinds of paperwork. The service is already being used by thousands of companies and global ambitions lead to rebranding. Signi is born.


Another important investor joins

Česká spořitelna enters Signi. Signi is becoming a key partner for digitization throughout the region. A branch office is opened in Hungary and further markets are being developed.


New markets, new clients

We are entering Slovakia, gaining new and new clients. In short, we are not stopping.

Our team

We enjoy solving specific problems

We are experts who want to bring simple and effective solutions. We’ve lost interest in ever-repeating client projects and a consulting life based on buzz words, unnecessary projects, and nonsensical KPIs. We want to improve the world, bring something new and truly great. We love technology when it is simple and usable. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are on a mission to rid the world of paper contracts.

Ondrej Synovec


A few years ago, Ondrej was absorbed by the idea of electronic signing. The notion kept him up at night, through this day.

Martin Berger

Head of Product

Martin gives life to our application and makes sure that everything works as it should.

Jitka Sedláčková

Office Manager

Jitka takes care of the whole office and the right flow of documents. Electronically, of course.

Iva Kopecka

Marketing Specialist

Iva works in marketing at Signi and is constantly working to make sure that as many people as possible know about Signi and are helped.

Sales Team

Kupková Signi

Linda Kupkova

Key Account Manager

Linda takes care of our clients and helps them extend their Signi usage.

Silueta muž Signi

New Signi member

Do you want to be one of us? Check our Career page to see who we're looking for to join our team.