We have been changing the way we work with documents for centuries

We were buried by a giant pile of paper documents that needed to be printed > signed > scanned > emailed or “run” over to the post office.

We despairingly stared at that pile of paperwork and proclaimed: there must be a better way! And thus Signi was born.

What makes sense to us?

3 values

One day, we simply had enough of the piles of papers that had collected on our desks. Why print, sign, scan, reprint, and finally archive every document? It sounds pointless and down right Sisyphean!

After all, we live in the 21st century and must be able to do this electronically.

We are building Signi to be a global service that will finally upend the current, centuries-old method for concluding contracts. We aim high, we trust in our solution, but we so not have unrealistic expectations. Gradually, step by step, we are building a sustainable business with the simple vision of providing desired, high-added-value services for its users. We want to be experts, constantly learning and improving, setting standards and pushing boundaries in the field of security, digital identity verification, usability, and simplicity of our services.

Thanks to these 3 values, we know exactly where we are going:

Our team

We enjoy solving specific problems

We are experts who want to bring simple and effective solutions. We’ve lost interest in ever-repeating client projects and a consulting life based on buzz words, unnecessary projects, and nonsensical KPIs. We want to improve the world, bring something new and truly great. We love technology when it is simple and usable. We are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are on a mission to rid the world of paper documents.

Ondřej Synovec


A few years ago, Ondřej was absorbed by the idea of ​​electronic signing. The notion kept him up at night, through today.

Jan Krejčí

Financial Director

Jan is responsible for the financial management of the company. When finances are in order, we can all devote ourselves fully to our work.

Jozef Cerovský

Partner Account Manager

Jozef is in charge of the partner programs and oversees that everything works to the maximum satisfaction of all parties.

+420 728 985 610

Jaroslav Holý

Marketing Director

Jaroslav is in charge of marketing at Signi and is constantly working to inform as many people as possible about Signi, in order to help them.

+420 605 476 851

Martin Berger

Development Director

Martin is in charge of the development of the application and ensures its trouble-free operation and never-ending improvements.

Peter Angelovič

HR Director

Peter takes care of everything related to employees. He makes sure that everyone is satisfied at work and uses their potential to the fullest.

+420 602 745 949

Roman Řípa

Customer Success Manager

Roman sets up processes for customers to achieve maximum efficiency.

+420 605 202 397

Jitka Černá

Sales Manager

Jitka takes care of the satisfaction of our customers, finds out their needs, and solves how best to meet them.

+420 602 551 233

Milan Kolcun

Sales Manager

Milan communicates with our customers every day, helping them optimize processes and fulfilling their wishes.

+420 775 797 252

Ivan Kraner

Key Account Manager

Ivan listens to the needs of customers who already use Signi and together they think about how to use the application even better and more efficiently.

+420 725 743 253

Matěj Schmalz

Sales Manager

The list of our customers is constantly growing and Matěj is working to make them like Signi and make their work easier.

+420 774 107 711

Stanislava Dušová

Customer Support

Stanislava is here to support our customers literally every day. She tries to make the use of Signi as pleasant and easy as possible.

+420 771 166 456

Daniel Macek


Daniel is a partner in the law firm MACEK.LEGAL, with which we have been cooperating from the beginning. He oversees our activities and solution and makes sure that everything is in accordance with applicable legislation.

+420 604 873 614

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Neomezený přístup k naší podpoře a nápovědě, Monitoring práce aplikace, Správa všech operací v online prostředí formou VIP help desku, Jakýkoliv váš požadavek na aplikaci budeme řešit do 4 hodin, Naléhavé případy v aplikaci budeme řešit do 2 hodin, Přednostní podpora v rámci zákaznické péče.

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Neomezený přístup k naší podpoře a nápovědě, Monitoring práce aplikace, Správa všech operací v online prostředí formou VIP help desku, Jakýkoliv váš požadavek na aplikaci budeme řešit do 8 hodin, Naléhavé případy v aplikaci budeme řešit do 4 hodin.

Ceny jsou uvedeny vč. DPH

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