Signi is everything you need to agree.

You can digitize 100% of your documents and processes. You create, approve, sign and archive documents.
All electronically and in one application.

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  • Electronic signature
    We have the correct electronic signature for every document. So you can get rid of the paperwork without any worries.
  • Trusted archiving
    Just as important as the conclusion of the contract is its trustworthy archiving, which ensures its validity for decades.
  • Remote identification
    Onboarding or closing a contract with a customer is secure, automated and within minutes with Signi.
  • Approval and signature workflow
    Eliminate unnecessary waiting, time-consuming approval and signing of paper documents. Digitise and simplify your work today.
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6 reasons to switch to electronic document signing

Signing contracts and other company documents online saves time, reduces printing costs, and minimizes errors.

Legally binding signed documents

Paperwork is a thing of the past. Just like a round stamp. An electronic signature in Signi carries the same weight as a signature on paper and is legally binding.

Faster negotiations with customers and employees

You can process sales contracts, orders, work agreements, and dozens of other documents online. Your customers and employees will appreciate it.

Simpler company administration

You don’t need to print digital documents, collect signatures, or scan them once signed. Manage everything comfortably from your computer with just a few clicks.

Permanent control over business documentation

All your contracts and other company documents are securely stored in one place and you can access them online 24/7.

Lower document storage costs

Electronic archives don’t burden the company’s pocket nor the shelves in your warehouse. Signi storage is safe and organized. Searching and filtering are easy.

Environmental and financial savings on consumables

Every unprinted page counts. Reduced paper and toner consumption will please you and nature. Your printing costs will noticeably decrease.

Electronic signature and remote identification on one device

We guarantee a 100% valid and secure electronic signature. Signi digital signatures comply with the eIDAS standard and are valid throughout the European Union. For remote identity verification, we use BankID or combine several trustworthy elements (IDs, selfies, and micropayments).

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Automated workflows for faster document handling

Working with company documents has never been easier. Sign and approve documents in just a few clicks. No need to print or scan anything. Simply set up a sophisticated workflow that monitors signatures and deadlines for you.

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Rapid integration of electronic signatures into your system

We don’t need months to connect to your internal systems. We have ready-made APIs and connectors for various types of CRM, DMS, and ERP systems. We can integrate Signi within days, regardless of whether you use Helios or Microsoft Teams.

A secure signing solution for banks, corporations, and startups

Your data is safe with us. We monitor all processes 24/7 and regularly perform penetration and stress tests. We guarantee the security of your data not only with our name, but also with ISO 27001 and 270017 certifications.

Streamline your business processes
and convert 100% of your signing to Signi