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Signi electronic signatures
will speed up your business

Creating and electronically signing legally binding documents is a matter of minutes with us. Not days.

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NEW BankID service launched – integrated directly into Signi. Learn more.

  • Electronic signature

    In accordance with the eIDAS standard and various other options for verifying signer identity (AML, BankID, micropayment…)

  • Overview of the status of documents and signatures

    Conveniently monitor all your contracts and documents in one organized place, including their real-time status.

  • Create documents

    Or upload your own in PDF, DOCX, etc.; and perform revisions, approvals, and comments

  • Easy integration into corporate systems

    Integrate into systems from SAP through accounting systems to Microsoft 365 within a matter of days.

Join the more than 10,000 companies and individuals
who, thanks to Signi, made paperwork more efficient

Quick connection to applications you already use

Within days, Signi will become a natural part of your team and business processes. Integration into ERP, CRM, DMS software from SAP, and Teams is a breeze thanks to already-made connectors.

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Easy creation of digital documents

You can easily place a signature field into your PDF, DOCX, and other format documents or use the Signi wizard to create a brand-new document. We also provide you with templates prepared by renowned lawyers.

We guarantee that your documents and data are 100% secure with Signi, thanks to our state-of-the-art encryption methods.

Secure and fast signature

Our signature authorization works like a bank payment. Signi produces 100% valid and secure electronic signatures. In accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, these documents are valid throughout the EU. Our electronic signature covers 97 % of all company documents.

To further help you streamline and automate your processes, we also provide remote identification services at AML level or through the certified bank identity.

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Signi helps both companies and individuals

Signi application has 2 versions. Signi Business is particularly suited for companies where a large number of documents are concluded monthly. For their creation and management, the application has a large number of functions and features in the base, and is extensible and more robust then Home. Signi Home is designed primarily for small businesses, freelancers, or households that conclude only a few documents per month.

All the basic functions for creating, signing and managing documents
Simplified document header autofill
Management of signer identities and contacts
Number of users / workspaces
Workspaces allow you to divide the Signi application into specific departments or projects
Document archiving
Number of documents / monthly
Possibility of other integrations such as Document templates, BankID or API

Signi Business

from 21 EUR without VAT / monthly

Unlimited (if Electronic Archive is activated)
20, 50, 100 or unlimited, depending on the selected plan

Signi Home

from 1,96 EUR with VAT / monthly

6 months
3, 5 or 10, depending on the selected plan
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