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Digitize sales documents

Sales people should be selling, not wasting their time preparing documents and managing the administration and logistics of signatures.

75 % of documents

are signed within 24 hours of dispatch. This way, your team will work quickly and efficiently. In addition, you will have an overview of everything.


Documents created with Signi are 100% valid and binding thanks to Regulation 910/2014/EC (eIDAS) throughout the European Union.

No installation

Neither you nor any other signatory party needs to install anything. All you need is an internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or computer.

How will we increase efficiency at your company?

  • Signed documents will be executed with Signi in minutes, not days. No need to wait for physical delivery, you can solve everything with your clients in real time.
  • Any document adjustments can be handled, resigned, and binding with just a few clicks.
  • No printers, toner consumption, or waste of paper. You don’t need to physically send, print and scan, or archive anything in disorderly files.
  • Your documents are always at hand online. You’ll always have a real-time overview of their status.
  • The Signi web application is highly intuitive.
  • No need to install anything.
  • All documents are legally binding.

How does Signi work?

With Signi, you can send documents to be signed online by email or physically signed onsite. Signi communicates with document management systems and your signed, stored documents can always be found in the application, even if you terminate your subscription. You also receive automatic notifications about signature statuses.

Prepare and internally approve a document

Signi sends an SMS and/or email requesting signatures from all necessary parties

The online document becomes available for third parties to sign

Document, process, and project management systems (DMS / BPM / PMS)

Signed documents are stored in PDF for easy retrieval and review

Signi.com sends automatic notifications when statuses change

Typical Education cases

You can create your own document templates or reduce your work and use our templates. Do you want to view some sample document templates? Contact our representative.

Signi is used by

Connection with other systems

We understand that learning new things and incorporating new tools and processes is difficult. Especially when you have a large team. That’s why we can connect Signi with almost any software you already use. Then you will be able to manage all your important documents all from one place.

More information about available integrations can be found here.

Are you a solution provider in this area? Contact us and sign up for the Signi partner program.

Interested in a solution for your sales team?

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    Emir Al Saleh

    Sales Manager

    Emir handles sales related inquiries at Signi. He specializes in efficient business processes. He can set up everything for you so that your team can focus on sales while the administration runs automatically.

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