The future of HR is 100% digital

Stacks of papers, hours of routine work,  your own neverending story? Do you sometimes feel like a signature babysitter? No wonder. Liberation is within reach. Thanks to digitization and automatic workflows of HR documents, you will be able to devote much more time to those who bring the greatest value to your company: your people.

Trusted by people from more than 800 innovative companies

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Simpler HR processes:
From onboarding to offboarding

HR managers are here for people, not for paperwork

Automating document signing and internal processes will save you hours, possibly even days of administrative work. You can easily create, approve, sign, and archive your legal employment documents in Signi.

By streamlining your paperwork, you’ll have more capacity to strategically develop your employees and improve workplace relationships. Instead of a growing mountain of paper, it will be your people’s satisfaction that grows.

The most frequently used documents in HR

Alongside expert lawyers and our clients, we have mapped out the documents and workflows that are most often used in HR. We now come to you bearing wonderful news: you can digitize all your HR documents and rely on Signi electronic signing to fulfill your legal requirements.

However, for some documents, be aware that remote digital signing is not enough. Nevertheless, you do not have to give up on going paperless. The signer can simply come and sign the document on your tablet.

Legally correct to the last paragraph

First the wrong, albeit logical, perception: the Labor Code (more precisely Act No. 262/2006 Coll., as amended) imposes strict requirements regarding the delivery of documents, which are set out in Section § 334. You must first deliver certain documents by hand to employees in the workplace.

Now for the good news. If in-person delivery fails, you can choose another form of delivery, including electronically (typically via datove schranky). Neither the Labor Code nor any other legislation restricts the possibility of signing a document electronically, i.e. digitally. This also applies to documents subject to special delivery. As a result, you can successfully digitize 100% of your HR paperwork.

Want to know more about the legal aspects of digital signing? We will send you a detailed, expert legal assessment of the possibilities of electronic signing of legally mandated labor documents.

Features you will surely use for your HR documents

Document templates

Thanks to our practical preset templates, you can create any HR document in a matter of minutes. Moreover, our templates provide a professional look that would otherwise require the services of a graphic designer.

Approval workflow

Stop sending endless emails back and forth. Simply set up your automated approval processes, notifications, and access levels once, then the system does the work for you. You'll easily get used to your new speed of closing documents.

Real-time overview

With a single glance you’ll immediately know who has already received, approved, and signed your documents. Automatic reminders reduce the amount of time you spend auditing and following up to the bare minimum.

Bulk distribution

Send hundreds of GDPR confirmations or pink statements in bulk with just a few clicks. It's easy. Select the required contacts, select the document or template to send, and enter the signature scenario. Send. The real-time statuses of your documents are automatically updated.

Security and GDPR

We secure your data at the highest level. Leave this to us. The security of your data is our absolute priority. We encrypt and store everything on servers right here in the Czechia, exclusively in the European Union.

Integration with HR systems

Job reports, attendance, and all other records you keep in your internal HR system can be linked to Signi. We have ready-made connectors for the most used HR applications. For other cases, we’ve prepared documented APIs and we’ll fully support your developers during integration.

97 %
of documents can be electronically signed with Signi
75 %
of documents are signed within 24 hours via Signi

Signi is with us in every good deed we do. With Signi, we handle donation agreements, GDPR forms and other paperwork in a few clicks, making the whole process as easy as possible for our stories. Because we’re here to help.

Ondřej Machac,

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Trusted by people from more than 500 innovative companies

The implementation of Signi has significantly streamlined our administrative processes and saves us time that we can spend on improving service to our customers.


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