Our people
work for you

Switching to digital signing is a big step forward. Our professional consultants will ensure a smooth transition for you and your documents.

Onboarding Signi

Signing up with Signi will just be the first of many signatures together. We will be there for you right from that first signature and anytime you need help with anything thereafter.

Setup and configuration

Every company uses Signi a little differently. That’s why we go through the entire application with you and always set it up to work best for you.  Although Signi is a simple and intuitive tool, it contains several advanced features that would be a shame not to use.

Training and workshops

The learned did not fall from heaven. That is why we put extra emphasis on thoroughly training your people. When everyone knows how to effectively work with Signi, that is when you get the most out of its features. We train small and large teams alike. We demonstrate, we repeat, we explain, we repeat, no question is irrelevant.

Integration assistance

Integration always costs something. Be it time and/or money. We can save you both. Thanks to our experience from many diverse projects, we will be able to minimize your integration time. And our senior developers and software analysts will have your back throughout the process.

Professional consulting

Our know-how is also your know-how. We really know a lot about document digitization and electronic signing. We follow trends and share our experience and best practices. Together we can arrange a personal consultation or you can browse our training materials, instructional videos, and detailed help.


4 steps from pen to digital

Create your first account

Creating an account with Signi is essential. Without it, we can’t move forward. We’ll then immediately add your first documents for signing so you can try out how it works. Only then can we get to work.

Create a free account

Select a pilot project

You need to learn to walk before you run. Therefore, together we will select a pilot project. Usually one type of document or process use case. We leave it up to you whether you start by digitizing order approvals or directly automating the entire HR department.

Prepare the roadmap

Those who are ready are not surprised. With your personal consultant guiding you through the entire onboarding process, you will plan a detailed onboarding roadmap. You and your people will know exactly what to expect and when.

Test and optimize

That’s it! You are already signing with Signi. It will definitely take a few days for you to get fully used to it, but that is why we support you along the way, and not just from afar. We help and advise your people with their first documents. We train, we explain. We perform optimization and stress tests and make sure everything is running according to plan.

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