A partnership that will bring you new customers

We put our hand to the fire for Signi. In almost every field, digital signing perfectly complements any product portfolio or custom software solution. Just mention it and see.

Why become a Signi partner

You will attract new customers

Almost every major company is tackling digitalization. It’s no longer the future, it is the present. Add Signi to your offering and see how many doors it opens for you.

You will expand your portfolio

The more comprehensive the product solution, the better. Save your clients time and money by showing them how to streamline tedious paperwork. They’ll appreciate it.

You will make more money

We certainly don’t need to explain what sales commissions are. We’re generous in that regard. We’ve fine-tuned Signi down to the last detail. It sells itself. Almost.


Trusted by people from more than 800 innovative companies

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Choose your level of cooperation

Business partner

Having Signi digital signing is a big advantage. A competitive advantage. Companies across all segments are going digital. That’s why Signi is a great fit to complement your products or services. As a business partner, we will provide you with max support: we will train your team, give you product materials, and include you in our marketing activities.


Solution partner

Most companies’ strategic plans already include digitization. Electronic signatures that are a part of CRM, DMS, or ERP systems are the new standard and companies expect integration into their systems and processes. Together, using our best practices, we will find an optimal solution, prepare a plan, and integrate Signi into your application.


Affiliate partner

Sometimes you only need a few good contacts to do business. No in-depth product research, no answering tricky questions, no tender processes. As an affiliate partner, you just need to recommend and connect us with a client. We’ll do the rest. And you get an interesting commission.


Connect your name with a successful product

75 %
of documents are signed via Signi within 24 hours
90 %
of documents are successfully signed by all parties

Electronic signatures will speed up business processes,
whether people are in the office or the home office.
Moreover, with electronically signed documents, there is no need to deal with physical archiving – and that’s a definite advantage.

Marek Svatoš, TV Nova

You can start right now



It only takes a few minutes to complete the registration form. Just hit Send and we’ll call you right away.



We’ll agree on the terms and conditions and sign a contract. A few clicks in our app is all it takes.



We’ve got everything you need to get started and enjoy a smooth ride. We will give you our full support and trust.



We’ll test each other on a pilot project. We’ll leave it up to decide if you want to dive in headfirst or tread cautiously into collecting commissions.