New release – April 2023

1 min.
10. 5. 2023

New queuing system for document processing

This new feature is something you won’t notice at first glance as a user, but you’ll appreciate – the app is now more stable, should dramatically reduce problems with closing documents.

SMS verification before document preview

On request, we can now enable SMS verification before the client opens the document for preview


  • Fixed an error in the signature sheet that in some cases invalidated a signature inserted outside of Signi
  • Refined placement of signatures when inserting over signature anchors (previously the signature rectangle was moved down a bit)
  • Fixed a bug where the newly inserted contact group overwrote the original contact group
  • Bug fixed when inserting signature footer via API didn´t work with signature anchors
  • Bug fixed when users couldn´t generate API keys for accounts created via Google Sign-in