Be among the first to use BankID

Do you need to verify the identity of the signer?
Thanks to the BankID service, it will be faster than ever before.

BankID Signi

Faster verification

Accelerate customer identity verification. Full BankID identification directly from the remote and digital environment of the application.

100% secure personal data

Signer privacy is 100% secured in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Be among the first

We are in the first wave of the BankID rollout. Join us, contact our specialist.

How does BankID work with Signi?

Simply. Signi users do not have to do anything extra to use their bank identity. Connecting BankID with Signi is its easiest deployment and you will save time that you can devote to work.

  • There is no need to integrate anything, everything will work within a few moments.
  • Documents for signing will be sent from Signi, just as before.
  • In addition to verifying their identity through 2-factor email and biometric signing, signers will also have another option of how to verify and sign via their bank identity.

How will BankID help?

  • Automatic onboarding of your customers
  • Secure identification and guaranteed signature of your documents
  • Remote verification of your customers or partners per AML

We are in the first wave of the BankID rollout

The use of BankID is completely new to our market. Over time it will be implemented into a wide range of market processes. We are among the first. And you can be too. Thanks to Signi.

Do you want to be among the first to use BankID?

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    Kupková Signi

    Linda Kupkova

    Key Account Manager

    We launched the BankID services for our customers directly into their accounts. If you are not yet a Signi client – and would like to know more about the service, contact Linda. She will be happy to answer any questions and help you figure out how the BankID service could make your business more efficient.